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Portable Electric Automatic Deep Clean Makeup Brush Cleaner

Portable Electric Automatic Deep Clean Makeup Brush Cleaner

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Say Goodbye To Traditional Cleaning Methods And Welcome An Innovative Makeup Experience!!

The ultimate solution for hassle-free and thorough brush maintenance. With automatic rotation powered by electricity, this compact device ensures a quick and efficient cleanse, removing makeup residue and bacteria for healthier skin and longer-lasting brushes. Its portable design makes it perfect for on-the-go convenience, revolutionizing your beauty routine easily and effectively. 

Gentle And Deeper Cleansing

Equipped with ultra-soft silicone cleaning heads of various diameters and heights, it ensures comprehensive coverage for brushes of all sizes. The gentle rotation won't damage your brushes but guarantees a thorough cleanse, effectively removing makeup residue and impurities.
Elevate your makeup routine with this advanced and efficient cleaning solution for well-maintained and pristine brushes.

Comprehensive Compatibility with Various Brushes

Versatility meets convenience with our Makeup Brush Cleaner, suitable for all brush sizes and types. Whether you have precision brushes or larger fluffy ones, the cleaner adapts effortlessly to provide effective and gentle cleaning without compromising the integrity of your tools.
Enjoy the ease of maintaining your entire brush collection with one versatile and accommodating solution.

Rechargeable and Simple-One-Button Control

The device is designed for simplicity, with an easy one-button control. A short press effortlessly toggles the ON/OFF switch, providing a straightforward and user-friendly experience. Additionally, a long press of 2-3 seconds allows you to control the rotation speed, allowing you to customize the cleaning process based on your specific needs. 
Embrace efficiency and ease with this rechargeable makeup brush cleaner that puts control at your fingertips.


Easy Store & Portable

The 3.5 inch compact and light brush cleaner machine can be easy to store. The 38-inch long USB cable supports daily use on your vanity or in the bathroom. This makeup brush cleaner will be the perfect companion when you travel or hang out with friends.


  • Color: Pink + Rose Red + Purple
  • Size: 1.8*6.7 inches
  • Package Include: 
    1 x Makeup Brush Cleaner


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