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Multi Purpose Portable Stainless Steel Vegetable Slicer Cuts

Multi Purpose Portable Stainless Steel Vegetable Slicer Cuts

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Why do you waste your time cutting vegetables?

Introducing our Multi-Purpose Portable Stainless Steel Vegetable Slicer Cuts Set. It's perfect for on-the-go use with interchangeable blades and a compact design. Crafted from durable stainless steel, this set ensures longevity and easy cleaning. Elevate your cooking experience with this essential kitchen companion!

Cut 4 slices in just one swiping action!

Equipped with four bare blades to cater to your diverse slicing needs. With just one swiping action, this versatile tool effortlessly transforms vegetables and fruits into equal slices, thick slices, cutlets, shreds, and graters.
Experience the convenience of precision and efficiency in every cut!

Safe And Reliable

A non-slip rubber foot prevents sliding, reducing the risk of finger injuries. The ergonomically designed handle ensures a secure grip for ease of use. Trust in the reliability of our slicer for a safe and enjoyable kitchen experience.

High-Quality Materials

Indulge in top-tier quality with our vegetable slicer, crafted from food-grade stainless steel. Its durable build and sharp edges effortlessly chop vegetables, ensuring longevity and taste preservation.

Easy To Use & Store

Clean-up is a breeze – wash with water or in the dishwasher. The built-in hook ensures easy storage, conveniently hanging on your wall without taking up space. Ready for the next use in no time!


  • Material:  Stainless Steel
  • Package Include: 
    1 * Vegetable Slicer Body

    1 * Thick Slice Blade
    1 * Thin Slice Blade
    1 * Slicing Blade
    1 * Shred Blade

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