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Kloud Stretch No-Tie Wide Shoes w/ Adjustable Closure - Black Grey

Kloud Stretch No-Tie Wide Shoes w/ Adjustable Closure - Black Grey

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Made For Wide Feet To Reduce Swelling, Alleviate Pain & Increase Comfort

*This Exclusive Price Is Only Available For A Limited Time*

Want to start feeling young again? Walk with the ultimate comfort and feel no pain. The best part about these shoes is that men with wide feet can enjoy precision fitting! These shoes work wonderfully for sensitive feet, most mobility difficulties, and foot & heel pain relief. Perfect for diabetics and CKD patients that suffer from edema and swelling.

What makes Comfort Ortho Wear different?

✓ Instant Pain Relief - Pain relief from Swelling, Bunions, Plantar Fasciitis, Neuropathy, Arthritis, and Ankle Pain.

✓ Wide Toe-Box - This will alleviate pressure on bunions and hammertoes.

✓ Heel Cushioning Sole - Cushioning foam for the rear foot & arch support.  

✓ Stretchable Knit Fabric - Easily contour your feet to make them the perfect fit. The synthetic knit material gives it its lightweight and breathable feature.

✓ Orthotic Ortho-Wear Premium Sole: Our ergonomic cushioning orthotic insole reduces any impact that occurs after taking a step.

Every step is comfortable and smooth.

45-Day Wear Test - Money Back Guarantee!

Walk comfortably & pain-free or you receive your money back, guaranteed!

Test our items risk-free for up to 45 days and return them for a full refund if you are not totally satisfied.

See for yourself why ComfortWear is considered the USA's Most Comfortable Shoes. We stand by our products.

*Fit: If you have swollen feet, order one size up to ensure the best fit.

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