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All-in-one Rechargeable Heat Sealer Cutter Handheld Vacuum Pump Machine With Vacuum Bag

All-in-one Rechargeable Heat Sealer Cutter Handheld Vacuum Pump Machine With Vacuum Bag

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Multi-purpose life hack gadget

Upgrade your packaging experience with this all-in-one solution - a compact device that combines a heat sealer, cutter, and vacuum pump in one. With its rechargeable feature, this versatile tool simplifies packaging, ensuring airtight seals, precise cuts, and efficient vacuum sealing. Perfect for food preservation, organizing, and on-the-go convenience. 

Quick Seal Bag

This innovative feature streamlines your packaging process, allowing you to swiftly seal items securely and unpack with ease. Whether you're on the move or looking for a time-saving solution, the combination of a heat sealer, cutter ensures a seamless and efficient packaging experience.
Simplify your tasks and embrace the quick and convenient functionality this dynamic duo brings to your daily routines.

Keep Food Fresh 5X Longer

Engineered to deliver a secure and airtight heat seal, this device extends the freshness and flavor of your food, effectively preventing spoilage and reducing food waste. The powerful suction capability, operating at -65kPa, effortlessly vacuums a variety of foods within seconds. This not only ensures longer shelf life for your groceries but also provides a more efficient way to organize and optimize storage space, contributing to significant cost savings.
Embrace the combination of freshness preservation and economical benefits as you simplify your food storage with our Vacuum Seal Machine.


Air Inflatable For Various Of Balls

This compact yet powerful device makes inflating sports balls, exercise balls, and even playroom favorites a breeze. With quick and efficient inflation capabilities, it ensures your equipment is always game-ready.
Say goodbye to manual pumps and hello to a hassle-free, on-the-go solution that keeps your balls bouncing and your activities rolling smoothly.


Compact Design

Experience unparalleled convenience with our sealing machine's compact design. Measuring just 1.8*6.7 inch, this device is incredibly small and effortlessly portable. The inclusion of a hook not only ensures easy storage but also maximizes space efficiency in your kitchen.
Streamline your kitchen experience with the compact design of our sealing machine.


  • Color: Grey - Yellow - Pink - White - Coffee
  • Size: 1.8*6.7 inches
  • Package Include: 
    1 x Vacuum Sealer Machine
    1 x Charging Cable
    2 x Air Nozzle Accessories
    2 x Vacuum Bag
    2 x Flat Bag
    2 x Bubble Bag
    1 x Instruction Manual

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